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Motivating technical presentations my specialty

I am a popular speaker at technical and business conferences, often focusing on enterprise architecture, the psychology of business design, or on the retail and payments industries. If you would like to engage me to speak for your organisation, on any topic, please get in touch.

Upcoming Presentations

Thoughtworks and eda.c

Designing Minimum Viable Systems for Enterprises

Mastering the Digital Transformation Through Enterprise Design, Thoughtworks & eda.c, London, March 2017

Enterprise Design meets Viable Systems; a pragmatic philosophical exploration of how to design and evolve minimum viable systems, with an emphasis on requisite variety and the environmental transitions that accompany (and endanger) success.

Recent Presentations

Relating Systems and Design

Enabling positive learning in self-management

Relating Systems & Design (RSD5), Toronto, October 2016

What is the difference that makes the difference? How can we enable positive learning in self-management? This workshop seeks to investigate the societal design challenges posed by interrelational dynamics between and among systems relating to healthcare and self-management.



SCiO Open Day, London, July 2016

I facilitated the icebreaker session at this one-day conference of systems practitioners.

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference

From Zero to EA: An Architecture for Growth

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference, London, June 2016

Rapid growth of an enterprise creates strain across an organisation. Architecture efforts need to be pragmatically introduced in ways that don't disrupt ongoing change or stall growth. And yet, things cannot continue as they had been; the centre cannot hold.
Co-presented with Darren Halliwell, Customer Engagement Director at Key Retirement Group

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference

Chair: Lightning Talks

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference, London, June 2015

I'm hosting this segment of this internationally renowned EA and BPM conference. I'm also presenting "Safety Nets for Architects", about the relationship between Enterprise Architecture and Flying Trapeze. These short talks feature Philip Hellyer, Roger Burlton, Michael Rosen, Chris Potts, and John Zachman

Sunday Telegraph Customer Focus Live

Chair: Turning the Voice of the Customer into Strategy

Customer Focus Live, London, May 2015

Leaner, fitter, personalised customer experience is the new benchmark of success. How do we create actionable insights from what customers do (and don't) tell companies? Creating exceptional customer care across all channels.

design management institute dmi intersection conference

Aligning Freedoms; Designing Frames

DMI / Intersection Conference, Berlin, April 2015

It all began at the London School of Economics. Our key challenge was to retain (and build!) the interest and engagement of facilitators while delivering on multi-sided requirements and adhering to constraints. So we stepped back and redesigned the session-design process itself, balancing the tensions of 'frame' and 'freedom'. We combined existing theory and practice in new ways, enabling new results to emerge. Providing the right amount of 'frame' lets the process run quickly, and assures that the necessary governance and feedback loops are complete. When 'freedom' is adequately supported, individual learning is maximised and desirable outcomes occur predictably and reliably.

Ovum BPM Summit

Panel: How should one measure results?

Ovum BPM Summit, London, November 2014

I'll be discussing the value of BPM, covering questions like these. Business Process excellence: when have we achieved it? Placing measurable and achievable goalposts for BPM. Determining value. Is there such a thing as good enough?


Omni-Channel Payments, An Architecture Perspective

FStech/Retail Systems Payments Conference, London, November 2014

For a retailer, few things have as many customer touchpoints as coordinating payment methods across all channels. The functional aspects become even more complex when you consider PCI, compliance, reconciliation, fraud, and the impact on retail processes. Introducing payment methods individually is a recipe for expensive inconsistency. It's essential to have a framework for evaluating new payment technologies, alongside models for incorporating them effectively across your organisation.


Navigating Barriers to the Adoption of EA/ST Methods

SCiO Enterprise Architecture / Systems Thinking forum, London, October 2014

Philip Hellyer will facilitate a workshop focused on identifying barriers to the adoption of enterprise architecture / systems thinking methods by organisations, and effective methods of overcoming them.

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference

Connected World: Pivoting an Enterprise

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference, London, June 2014

Most of the time, it seems that Enterprise Architects are involved in making incremental changes to an existing Enterprise. This is the story of how Carphone Warehouse launched Connected World Services. This is the story of a transformation of a retailer into a global service provider. A complete transition from providing in-house IT services in a single geography to providing a B2B platform in use around the world. While simultaneously outsourcing physical infrastructure, changing development partners, and keeping the old world running.

Sunday Telegraph Customer Focus Summit

Panel: Is Customer Service Getting Too Invasive?

Customer Focus Summit, Cardiff, April 2014

Whilst many companies have embraced customer experience as a concept, many brands are struggling with the emerging relationships across digital channels and internally. What do companies need to become the best at managing a 360 view? What is the best way of gaining your colleagues support? What has had the greatest effect? How do you implement a new launch strategy and include all corporate stakeholders? How does your whole organization become customer-centric and your employees all customer experience brand ambassadors through social media tools and digital content?

intersection conference

Connected World: Redesigning an Enterprise

Intersection Conference, Paris, April 2014

This is the story of the ongoing transformation of the Carphone Warehouse Group, from a retailer of mobile phones into a globe-spanning B2B platform, providing services to businesses operating in the connected world. To be successful, we need to change not only our systems but also our approach to doing business, throughout the enterprise. This is a closer look at some of our challenges, through the lens of the Enterprise Design Framework.


The Changing Role of Enterprise Architecture

IDC Enterprise Architecture Conference, London, March 2014

What's the point of Enterprise Architecture? What really matters, and what's just noise? EA seems to be on a trajectory, but there's disagreement about where we're headed. There's broad consensus about where we've come from, with our deep understanding of technology and systems, but less agreement about where we're going. Let's trace the evolution of the Architecture practice within the Carphone Warehouse Group, and plot the likely trajectories of EA in our organisation, and in the wider industry.


Fraud and the Seamless Customer Experience

Efma Retail Payments Week, Paris, September 2013

Indemnified payments are nice, but they're not the whole story. How can retailers protect their margins through the sales chain from warehouse to cash? How can we increase customer satisfaction and transaction speed at the same time as reducing fraud and costly manual effort?

Unicom EA Conference

Shades of Architecture: Beyond Thinking & Doing

Unicom EA Conference, London, September 2013

What is the enterprise that we're architecting? What's at stake, and for whom? How wildly do views & viewpoints differ? Where do models & modelling break down? Can we reduce "the swirl" to shades of black & white?

The Retail Bulletin

Why The Customer is King of Payments

Retail Bulletin Payment Summit, London, June 2013

Multichannel payments are under threat of fragmentation, as each vendor introduces yet another proprietary payment method. Missing from most of the discussion is the role of the customer in ensuring the success of any replacement of cash and cards. What's a forward-looking retailer to do?

Kristof Dierckxsens

Basically every slide is a nugget #noneedforbigdata
— Kristof Dierckxsens

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference

Thinkers, Doers, & Breadwinners

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference, London, June 2013

One of the core challenges of EA is to construct coherent and sustainable views across the breadth of our enterprise while maximising the value of our investments in change. How can we best structure our teams to address the priorities of our business as a whole? What is our best route to demonstrating value and earning a place at the boardroom table?

British Computing Society

Thinkers & Doers

BCS Enterprise Architecture SG, London, April 2013

Thinkers & Doers is a talk about the human aspects of Enterprise Architecture, rather than the technical ones. The problems that we wrestle with, no matter how technical they seem, are almost always more about people and politics than about the technology. Why do we so often disregard these 'soft' factors and constraints? One of the core challenges of EA is to construct coherent and sustainable views across the breadth of our enterprise while maximising the value of our investments in change. How can we do this if we don't appreciate the human context of our architectures?

Tom Peters

If you're trying to make my day, you succeeded.
— Tom Peters

Unicom EA Conference

Panel Session on Methodologies, Principles, and Frameworks

Unicom EA Conference, London, March 2013

Unicom run the best one-day Enterprise Architecture conferences in London every year. This time, I'm delighted to be taking part in a panel session.

The Retail Bulletin

Panel Session on Putting Payment Innovation at the Heart of Retail Multichannel

4th Annual Retail Bulletin Multichannel Summit, London, February 2013

Multichannel commerce is being reborn and redesigned as businesses still struggle to deliver cross-channel experiences. Technology and mobile is behind many of these drivers for change leaving retailers with the urgent need to innovate and keep pace with market transformation. Still there are retailers losing their customers at the payment stage. Attend this session to find they will discuss and debate the different ways to implement and integrate innovation especially in payment across the multichannel retail industry

Tom Graves

Philip Hellyer’s delightful “Thinkers and Doers: A framework for EA value” focussed strongly on the human aspects of EA rather than the technical ones.
— Tom Graves, Tetradian

Unicom EA Seminar

Thinkers & Doers: A Framework for EA Value

Unicom EA Forum, London, September 2012
(This keynote presentation received a 92% audience rating.)

One of the core challenges of EA is to construct coherent and sustainable views across the breadth of our enterprise while maximising the value of our investments in change. How can we best structure our teams to address the priorities of our business as a whole? What is our best route to demonstrating value and earning a place at the boardroom table?

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference

Influencing Business Change with Enterprise Architecture

IRM UK Enterprise Architecture Conference, London, June 2012

At Carphone Warehouse, Enterprise Architecture has spread from its origins in the IT department to influencing the board room, shaping executive change programmes. Our core challenge is to enable coherent and sustainable views across the breadth of our enterprise, while maximising the value of our investments.

Paul Rodgers

Philip Hellyer has just given the best introduction to an Enterprise Architecture presentation that I've ever heard.
— Paul Rodgers, Chairman, Vendorcom


PCI-DSS, An Architecture Perspective

FStech/Retail Systems Payments Technology Conference, London, November 2011

As Enterprise Architects, our aim is to maximise the value that Best Buy Europe gets for its investments in change. We seek structural solutions to multi-faceted problems, and compliance is certainly a many-faced beast. Where does PCI stand alongside other standards in a world of competing regulation, and how should we address it as a global group of companies?