Philip Hellyer Enterprise Architect, Flying Trapeze Monkey, Speaker

How I Spend My Time

Carphone Warehouse

Enterprise Architecture Group Lead

Connected World Services, Carphone Warehouse Group

I head up a team of Enterprise Architects in the Business Change Function. We govern the change roadmap, ensuring that programmes align to strategies, highlighting risks & dependencies, and monitoring the realisation of business benefit. I represent the Application, Information, and Technology architectures on the Strategic Review Board.

Gorilla Circus

Flying Trapeze Monkey

Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School

Come and learn to fly on the Grand Volant in the Great Outdoors. Scary but safe, this is an experience you can't imagine beforehand. We guide each student through a progression of tricks, starting with an impressive looking knee-hang — and we'll catch you from your trick if you're consistent enough.

Get Mentoring

Enterprise Mentor & Non-Exec Advisor

Independent & UCL, SFEDI trained

Among other things, I'm participating in the UK government's Business in You campaign to encourage more people to start or grow their business. If you're a London-based entrepreneur on the cusp of transforming your business, maybe I can help you think more clearly.

speaker silhouette

Public Speaker

Motivating technical presentations my specialty

I am a popular speaker at technical and business conferences, often focusing on enterprise architecture, the psychology of business design, or on the retail and payments industries. If you would like to engage me to speak for your organisation, on any topic, please get in touch.

Where I'm Speaking Next


The Changing Role of Enterprise Architecture

IDC Enterprise Architecture Conference, London, March 2014

What's the point of Enterprise Architecture? What really matters, and what's just noise? EA seems to be on a trajectory, but there's disagreement about where we're headed. There's broad consensus about where we've come from, with our deep understanding of technology and systems, but less agreement about where we're going. Let's trace the evolution of the Architecture practice within the Carphone Warehouse Group, and plot the likely trajectories of EA in our organisation, and in the wider industry.

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